Second Edition


19 September 2023

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski, Cairo, Egypt.


About CloudTech Summit 2023

CloudTech Summit is FORTE CLOUD’s flagship annual everything-cloud event series. Featuring a variety of topics that focus on the most important breakthroughs in cloud technology, this year we’re bringing something special for everyone: startups, enterprises, and public sectors. Get ready to experience more opportunities for discovery, networking, and career-enhancing connections this year.

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Listen from the best

Abdelrahman Elposhi


Founder & CEO

Ahmed Khattab


National Telecommunication Institute Director

Husam Alhmoud


COO – Managing Partner

Lana Nawzad


Senior Account Executive Startups - MENA

Ilja Maeckel


Principal Business Development Manager, Hybrid Cloud, Worldwide Public Sector

Ahmed Abdelhamid


Principal Strategist, Security and Compliance Regional Leader, MEA

Moe Kamel


Solutions Architect Lead

Moheeb Darwish


CCO -Managing Partner

Nael Osman


Service Delivery Manager

Mohamed Keshk


Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Egypt and Levant

Karim Ismail


Commercial Account Executive, Egypt and Levant

Moataz Wagih


SAP Technical Manager

Ahmed Adly


Partner Enablement

Thomas Xander


EMEA Business Lead SAP

Azza El-Shinnawy


Head of Egypt and North Africa

Tarek EL Elaimy


Country Manager, GCC, Levante and North Africa

Sourav Sadhu


Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, SAP

Mohamed Ezzat


Sr. Machine Learning GTM Specialist

Yasser Alobaidan


CEO - Tharawat Technology

Christine Jouaret


Cloud Sales Manager – META

Ahmed Mostafa


SR. Sales Engineer, NA

Mohamed Amir

Trend Micro

Business Development Manager,Hybird Cloud & Network,MENA

Mohamed Ibrahim

Trend Micro

Regional Business Director, Hybrid Cloud & Network, MMEA

Hesham Galal


Solution Architect Lead for Middle East

Mohamed Salah


Sr. Solutions Architect

Mert Yucel


EMEA Oracle Application Business Development Leader

Ahmed Azzam


Sr. Startup Solutions Architect

Ezz El Din Osama


Portfolio Manager

Tarek Bakry


Co-Founder & CEO

Sherif Sherra


Senior Solution Consultant

Hany Fawzy


Chief technology

Ayman Eltohamy


Commercial head MENA & Turkey

CloudTech Summit Agenda

S01: Opening Ceremony & Keynote

Get ready to be inspired as we embark on an eventful journey together, exploring the limitless possibilities of the cloud.

Speakers: Abdelrahman Elposhi | Tarek Elelaimy | Azza El Shinnawy | Christine Jouaret | Mohamed Ibrahim

S02: Panel Session | Strategic Cloud Investments: Balancing Economy, Governance, and Security on AWS

Join the conversation on architecting strategic cloud investments that cut costs without sacrificing data governance and security. Explore AWS offerings that empower businesses to thrive in today’s economic landscape.

Speakers: Yasser Alobaidan | Christine Jouaret | Karim Hanafy | Ahmed Khattab

S03 & S03-1: Discover the Power of SAP on AWS and Secure Workloads with Trend Micro Deep Security System

Discover how SAP customers are partnering with FORTE CLOUD to innovate faster, gain valuable business insights, and leverage the power of SAP on AWS. Together, we are empowering organizations to transform their operations and deliver exceptional value in today’s market. Explore the possibilities of SAP BTP and over 200+ services from AWS, supported by the expertise and guidance of FORTE CLOUD. You will also learn about: – Trend Micro Deep Security protections for SAP Systems – Intrusion Prevention for SAP Systems – Malware scanning inside the SAP Systems using the NW-VSI 2.0

Speakers: Thomas Xander | Moataz Wagih | Mohamed Amir

S09: Supercharge Transformation and Innovation: Use the Unique Power of AWS IoT Solutions | S09-1: FORTE CLOUD's GridLab Demo

In this session, we will have an overview of the AWS IoT services and its potential to accelerate innovation and transform business. As the Internet of Things continues to reshape industries, AWS IoT emerges as a comprehensive platform that empowers organizations to unlock new areas of innovation, transforms the business processes, and enables operational efficiency. Attendees will gain greats insights into the core features and functionalities of AWS IoT; from seamless device management and secure connectivity to real-time data processing and advanced analytics. Join us to discover how AWS IoT can elevate the business capabilities, offering scalable, reliable, easy-to-manage, and secure solutions that bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Whether you are a beginner or an IoT expert, this session is designed to leave you inspired and equipped to leverage AWS IoT to its fullest potential, driving success in today’s interconnected world.

Speakers: Moe Kamel | Mohamed Ashraf

S04: Oracle ERP applications Migration and Modernization

We are observing significant migration of Oracle Database in to AWS. In this session we will deep dive into Oracle Applications e-BS, JDE, Peoplesoft, Hyperion migrations as step one. As step two I will explore more on modernization scenarios of ERP with AWS AI/ML driven Data services.

Speakers: Mert Yucel

S10: The Transformative Power of Generative AI

Generative AI has emerged as a powerful tool with practical use cases across various verticals, including retail, the financial services industry (FSI) and Travel and hospitality. In the retail sector, generative AI can be used to develop new designs and outfits. Retailers can use generative AI to create new designs that are not only unique and innovative but also highly desired by consumers. This can help retailers to stay ahead of the competition and drive sales. One of the most promising applications of Generative AI in the FSI domain is automated document understanding. Document understanding is a process of extracting key information from documents and converting them into structured data. This structured data can then be used for various downstream tasks such as fraud detection, customer due diligence, and compliance. In this session we will discuss in more details how to build an entire GEN AI solution from an idea to production in secure, scalable and efficient way.

Speakers: Mohamed Ezzat

S13: Startups Need multi-account strategy too

A multi account setup helps isolate workloads, applying security controls, manages single sign-on across accounts and improves cost visibility. Using AWS Control Tower makes setting this up easy, and prepares you for long term growth. Let’s discover the benefits of AWS Control Tower and AWS Organizations. In this session, learn how to enable cloud governance efficiently using AWS Control Tower and how a multi-account structure can be governed under one roof.

Speakers: Ahmed Azzam

S14: Start Small, Scale Big: Navigating Cloud Challenges for Startups

Discover how startups confront and conquer challenges when adopting cloud technology. Gain insights into optimizing cloud resources, maintaining data security, and ensuring seamless scalability

S05: AWS for Public Sector: Protecting Your Crown Jewels using AWS

Understand how to gain the control and confidence you need to securely run your business with the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. Discover how to control the usage of your data, who has access to it, and how it is encrypted.

Speakers: Ahmed Abdel Hamid

S07: AWS Outposts: Bringing the AWS experience on premises

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that brings AWS infrastructure and services to your environments in virtually any data center, collocation space, or on-premises facility using the same hardware, software, and management tooling used in AWS Regions. In this session, closely examine how an Outpost works, including how we modified the AWS Nitro System to work in an on-premises facility to provide a truly consistent hybrid experience.

Speakers: Ilja Maeckel

S08: Kickstart your AI/ML journey with AWS | S08-1: Operationalizing ML Models

Discover a comprehensive suite of AI/ML services, tools, and frameworks that enable you to build intelligent applications and unlock invaluable insights from your data. In this session, we will be briefly explaining the concepts of MLOps and how to productionize ML models in an easy-to-understand cost effective ways.

Speakers: Mohamed Ezzat | Nael Osman

S17: Supercharge Your DevOps Practice

Discover how to overcome manual deployment challenges, create modern apps the smart way, speed up with end-to-end solutions, elevate your operations with IaC and CI, and find the right balance between moving fast and managing effectively.

Speakers: Mohamed Salah

S06: Move your Contact Center to Genesys Cloud CX with confidence

Today’s experience economy demands unprecedented adaptability. New channels emerge. Customer expectations shift. And it’s easier than ever for digital-first brands to grab attention – and your loyal customers. And with today’s economic uncertainty, customer experience transformation is more urgent than ever. None of that makes preparing to move your contact centre platform to the cloud any simpler. But you might be more ready than you think. Join us to explore ways to manage change and migrate to the cloud with confidence. Here’s what you can expect: Identify the business priorities driving cloud migrations, learn how cloud migration can increase the efficiency of your existing resources – and actually generate cost savings, understand how to calculate a comprehensive TCO and ROI analysis to view the full potential of your cloud investment, and walk through critical strategies for building a business case for CX transformation.

Speakers: Sherif Sherra | Karim Ismail | Mohamed Keshk

S11: Trend Micro Cloud One-Workload Security

Explore the limitless capabilities of Trend Micro Cloud One for securing your cloud environment. Learn about the unified platform that provides comprehensive protection, including, workload security, container security, network security, and file storage security

Speakers: Mohamed Amir

S19: AWS Skills Building

AWS Skill Builder is an online learning center where you can learn from AWS experts and build cloud skills online. With access to more than 600 free courses. Join us in this session to learn more about AWS Skill Builder, to allow you help boosting your knowledge and career on the Cloud.

Speakers: Ahmed Adly

S16: AWS Well Architected Framework | S16-1: Trend Micro Conformity

Join us in this session to explore how the AWS Well-Architected Framework can help you enhance the security and efficiency of your cloud architecture. Discover best practices and principles for designing and implementing reliable, secure, and high-performing systems on AWS using Trend Micro Conformity.

Speakers: Nael Osman | Ahmed Mostafa

S18: Drive Innovation with SAP BTP Joint Reference Architecture, Automation and Architecture Best Practices

Explore SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) – the unified paltform for data, analytics, AI, app development, and integration. Learn how AWS empowers seamless integration, data utilization, and SAP enhancement. Elevate your SAP investment with AWS and SAP BTP Joint Reference Architecture for modernization.

Speakers: Sourav Sadhu

S30: Hiring Mania | Walk-In Interviews

Unlock career opportunities and connect with top global organizations in the cloud! Don’t miss our exclusive Hiring Mania event, featuring walk-in interviews for exciting cloud technology roles and talented professionals.

Speakers: Bassem Barakat | Abdelrahman Ghanem | Hossam Gaber | Karam Fawzy | Hany Zaky

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